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Cybersecurity and the world: A time to reflect, a time to act | Today in Technology

Sign the petition to support digital peace: https://digitalpeace.microsoft.com/

As world leaders prepare to meet in Paris to honor the centennial of the armistice that ended World War I, it’s important to apply the lessons learned from the tragedies of the 20th century. It’s a time for people to ensure that their voices are heard in the cause for digital peace. To learn more and add your voice, go to https://digitalpeace.microsoft.com

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Cybersecurity and the world: A time to reflect, a time to act

5 thoughts on “Cybersecurity and the world: A time to reflect, a time to act | Today in Technology

  1. Microsoft thinks it can dictate to the World everything it decrees. Much like its backer, the US Neo Liberal Globalist elite. Now its demanding “global peace… or we smash you to pieces like we do every other time”.

    I think you need to shut up and listen to us Microsoft. We live in Europe. We know how the World Wars started. It was down to “dxxx measuring” globalists like you demanding everythingt was done “!my way or we’ll destroy you”.

    Your propaganda has failed. Time to listen. Time to shut up. Time to free the internet from your grip!

  2. 0:44 it was called “no man’s land” because no man had control of it. Stand there and you’d be dead. So thats blatantly poor research to begin with.

    As for this “digital peace”, that sounds a hell of a lot like the Devil “appearing as a meek and mild man”.
    So what exactly is “digital peace”. You don’t define it because you’re obviously softening us up for something else.

    Censoring and Neo Liberal extremism being rammed down our throats, Russophobia, Chinaphobia – as American companies are doing on Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

    You say SWIFT is “free and open” and now you are banning countries who abide by treaties you tear up.
    Msoft destroyed many companies with underhand monopolist practices. Hacking sometimes causes good. Wikileaks, Fancy Bears exposing the AMERICAN cheating in WADA are just a couple of examples.

    The internet should be democratised. Not monetising everything and even banning people from posting pics of the Eiffel Tower(thanks EU!). Sadly most of it is run by half a dozen shady corporations, all American, and most of them in one or two cities brimming with Neo Liberal globalist extremists.

    So shut up Microsoft. Hand the web to the people, certainly to a system where countries can speak and act freely. NOT one where you and a few others terrorise everyone else into submission. If there ever IS a digital war, its your gang thats to blame!

  3. There is an awesome light show in Verdun that retraces the history of the region. You can also visit the citadel and a few fort around. In this region the land and woods have still scars from WWI.

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