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Microsoft Azure Arc: Enabling management & data services outside Azure infrastructure

By , 19/10/2021 ,

Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of software technologies that is designed to help companies meet their governance challenges and make Azure services available everywhere across diverse and sometimes sprawling infrastructures.

With Azure Arc, familiar Azure tools, technologies, and methods can be used across environments, including environments with limited or no connectivity to Azure.

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Telstra eyes monitoring and securing its hybrid cloud with Azure Arc

By , 18/10/2021 ,

Australia’s leading telecommunications company Telstra is using Microsoft Azure Arc for a single pane of control, visibility, and management to help scale-out its edge footprint across Australia, while reducing its on-premises infrastructure and consolidating its cloud presence.

The Azure Arc control plane creates a single pane of glass to manage all elements of its infrastructure so Telstra can better monitor and update its services throughout the entire migration process and beyond.

Choosing the right solution for your hybrid and cloud estate

By , 12/10/2021 ,

With Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled data services you get Azure innovation, cloud benefits, and a flexible cloud-billing model across your data estate—using any hardware and any Kubernetes.

Whether you need to modernize on existing apps, build new ones, or transfer your data to Azure, we have an option for your company’s needs.

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Azure Arc brings the best of public cloud to on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud

By , 12/10/2021 ,

Microsoft is moving fast with Microsoft Azure Arc by porting key managed services to the hybrid and multicloud platform—building a solid bridge between the Microsoft public cloud and competitor’s cloud platforms. With industry best practices embedded in Azure Arc, customers focus only on workloads and applications.

According to Forbes, this is one of the best recent moves from Microsoft, helping the company become the leader in hybrid cloud and multicloud offerings. Learn more about Azure Arc and how this new platform is revolutionizing the industry.

Cloud PaaS experience for data workloads on-premises, in multicloud, and at the edge

By , 05/10/2021 ,

Azure Arc offers simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services. Easily organize, govern, and secure Windows, Linux, SQL Server, and Kubernetes clusters across data centers, the edge, and multicloud—right from Azure. Sign up to stay connected. We’ll help you accelerate innovation with Azure Arc and stay up to date on the latest in cloud computing.

EY extends app management and security beyond the cloud with Azure Arc

By , 04/10/2021 ,

Microsoft Azure Arc extends cloud services into places cloud has no reach. EY was able to leverage its existing global cloud infrastructure, add new apps, and run on-premises data systems from a single control center—in full accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements. Azure Arc helps automate its operations, which can be a challenge when working with hybridclouds.

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By , 01/10/2021 ,

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Seven tips to manage your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak

By , 01/10/2021 ,

Feeling overwhelmed by disrupted routines and remote working? Worried? You’re not alone. Professional suggestions here: “Seven Tips to Manage Your Mental Health and Well-being During the COVID-19 Outbreak” by Desiree Dickerson.

How virtual agents transform the customer experience

By , 01/10/2021 ,

Design a better, more positive customer experience and build customer engagement by leveraging intelligent chatbot technology when you enable Always On service.


Customer Service Trends

By , 01/10/2021 ,

Customers’ expectations for the service your organization delivers is evolving as rapidly as the technology to deliver it. This infographic